Bach Land Development Bringing Us to Next Stage of New Home Expansion

Hello Everyone! It’s another great day here at Country Club Estates and we are pleased that you have decided to join us on our journey. It is amazing how quickly Bach Land Development is bringing us to the next stage of our new home expansion. We have seen lots of machinery, equipment and workmen in the area and they are making quick work of the project at hand.

Land Mover Tractor on Dirt Lot
Expansion in Process

We have completed the land clearing stages and we are working toward removing the debris. We have started to see the beginnings of road formations on the bare earth and if you use your imagination, you can see a glimpse the beginnings of a brand new neighborhood.

Road Sign on road
Curves Ahead

After the land cleanup has taken place we will be relocating the power underground and working on the electrical connections. We have seen so much progress and there is certainly more to come. Our new homes will be on the way soon, and we look forward to helping you make one of these fantastic homes your home. You can find our current homes for sale here. Contact us to chat about being the first homeowner in our new expansion!

Power Lines
Power Overhead

Our community improvements do not stop with the new home expansion area, we are also working on bringing five new homes to our beautiful pond area. These homes will be private, semi-secluded and highly desirable for those of you who love the beauty of nature. You will be able to sit on your porch and enjoy the ducks and trees swaying in the breeze while you sip your morning coffee. These homes will be double wide with a carport and will likely arrive in early spring. We don’t have all of the details yet, but contact us today to get on our waiting list. These homes will be amazing and will likely go very quickly. We want to provide you more information as it becomes available! Get added to our waiting list at by emailing [email protected] or calling (425) 481-5900.

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