Home Arrivals are Happening Here at Country Club Estates

Home arrivals are happening here at Country Club Estates! The home arrival process is a complicated and is an interesting one. These brand new manufactured homes are built in a factory in Oregon and they arrive in two pieces on two different trucks. Have you spotted these new homes on the freeway lately heading our way? The transportation team ensures that the homes arrive in one piece with no damage. When the homes arrive, each piece of the home must be carefully placed in the home site. This is accomplished with a device called a crawler – essentially this is a large remote control device. The crawler attaches to the tongue of the home and drives it into the space. With the narrow streets and the length of these big beautiful homes this can be a very challenging process. The truck driver who is also the crawler operator has years of experience placing these homes. From my perspective, the operator is a magician! Watching the home being carefully installed into it’s space is an amazing process and we wanted to share a piece of what that looks like. Stay tuned for more informational videos about the home setup process.

Do you have questions about the home installation process? Give us a call, we love talking about these new home arrivals. When you are ready to make one of these lovely homes yours, reach out to us, we are ready to help you on your journey home. Talk to you soon!  (425) 481-5900.

About Country Club Estates

Country Club Estates is an all ages community located in Bothell, Washington. Residents enjoy the calm and peaceful environment, while surrounded by beautiful trees, ponds with ducks, fish, and playful otters. Residents can enjoy our clubhouse, two convenient laundry rooms and scenic walks along the multiple ponds and grassy areas. Call us at 425-481-5900, send us an email at [email protected] or just stop by for a visit the next time you are in the area. We look forward to seeing you soon as Country Club Estates is the place for you!

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