Snow in February? That is happening!

Snow in February? That is happening! All week this week we are told we will have frost, very cold temperatures, and some possible snow in the evenings here at Country Club Estates. While that could effect the progress, we are expecting sunny beautiful days and we are hopeful that we will keep the expansion moving […]

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Brand New Expansion Area Updates

Asphalt Road

We have many updates to share with you about our brand new expansion area here at Country Club Estates. If you have been by the property, you may have noticed that there is quite a bit of work happening. There have been surveyors, workmen, dirt movers, excavators and more. The good news is that this […]

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Oh Hay There – The Winter Weather is Upon Us

Hay on the terrace to prevent erosion

Oh hay there! The winter weather is upon us. We have begun our winter work to “baton down the hatches” so to speak on the expansion area. Top soil, with its organic matter, beneficial microorganisms and nutrients can wash away in the rain. Water management during the winter months is an essential part of construction […]

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