Oh Hay There – The Winter Weather is Upon Us

Hay on the terrace to prevent erosion

Oh hay there! The winter weather is upon us. We have begun our winter work to “baton down the hatches” so to speak on the expansion area. Top soil, with its organic matter, beneficial microorganisms and nutrients can wash away in the rain. Water management during the winter months is an essential part of construction management. The process of erosion is subtle, and combating soil erosion begins with careful planning.

Hay on the terrace to prevent erosion
Oh Hay There!

We are using many methods of soil control during the winter months. Terrance of the slope is the processing of adding in a stair-step up the slope of the hill. The value that the Terrance provides is that the water won’t run off as readily, but will soak into the soil instead. Securing the dirt by adding baffles and barriers can help to slow down the flow of water and reduce erosion. The baffles are made up of partially buried stone laid parallel to the slope. Additional soil erosion management is provided with landscape cloth and a whole lot of hay. All of these methods are being employed here at Country Club Estates to help the combat erosion. These devices will allow time for the water to sink into the soil, and to travel to storm drains with less force, limiting soil erosion in the expansion during the winter months. With all of these methods in place, we look forward to winter, and the snow that will likely head our way soon. We hope that you are looking forward to the winter wonderland on the way as well.    

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